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2023 Summer Festivals

The first stop this summer will be at the

Orford Musique Academy in Quebec. 
My dates are June 11 - 23

The website is <>


The second will be:

The Montecito International Music Festival in Woodland Hills just west of Los Angeles and I will be there:
June 23 - 28.  <>


The third will be a continuation of the John Perry Academy  It will be held at the College of New Jersey, and all Steinway School located near Princeton, NJ  The dates are July 2 - 15 

To apply and for further details, please peruse the website:


The fourth will be the Morningside Music Bridge held at NEC in Boston <>  It is a four week session and I will be there the week of 

July 16 - 22.

Fifth:  The Perugia Music Festival in Italy

My dates are: July 26 - August 8.  This is a lovely festival with wonderful Italian cuisine, beautiful scenery, and antique architecture.  One has the chance to play with orchestra. <>


Last:  The Vancouver Piano Sessions.  August 5 - 12 in Vancouver, Canada  <>


All of these festivals have a rich representation of International Faculty, and I hope to meet you there.

2019 Activities 

January 18 - 28  Maestro Art Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
February 2 - 3  Master Class
Kansas University
February 10  Master Class
Westminster Choir College

June 9 - 15   Orford Music
Orford, Canada

July 1 - 13   John Perry Academy Summer Festival
California State University Northridge, CA

July 14-15   Seattle Piano Insitute
University of Washington, WA

July 14 - 19   Morningside Bridge Program 
Calgary, Canada

July 21 - 25   Hotchkiss Summer Piano Portal
Lakeville, CT

Aug 1 - 4   Music Fest Perugia 
Perugia, Italy

Aug 4 - 18   Internationaler Klaviersommer Cochem
Cochem, Germany 

  Nov. 16 - 17   Convention Artist at NJMTA
Westminster Choir College, NJ
Nov. 19 - 22   University of Texas Austin


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