John Perry Academy        of              Music

New location!

2015 JPA Academy Summer Festival at California State University Northridge

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A new music school founded by

John Perry







Jan.23-25. Recital and Masterclass at the Hotchkiss School, CT
Jan. 30. Recital and Masterclass at Willamette University, Portland, OR
Feb. 1. 11:00am Spotlite masterclass at Steinway Gallery, Pasadena
Feb.10-13. Residency at University of Texas, Austin TX 
                     Recital and Masterclass
Mar.1-2. Judging Young Artist Competition at Mondavi Center, CA
Mar.3-4. Masterclass at Boston University
Mar.23 leading Pedagogy Saturday
Mar.30-Apr.1. Masterclass at Boston University
Apr. 14-16. Masterclass at Frankfurt Music Hochschule, Germany
May.18-24. Recital and Masterclass at Wuhan Central Conservatory, Wuhan, China
May.25-27. Recital and Masterclass at Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China
May.29 - June.7.  Recital and Masterclass at Sichuan Conservatory, Chendu, China
June. 29 - July. 12. Judging E-Competition in Fairbanks, Alaska
Aug. 24. Solo recital in Cochem, Germany